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Benefits of Earning the CFA Charter You Should Know.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of professionals ponder about this. Whether the CFA designation is worth the time and energy invested to earn it. Here are some benefits we hope will help you decide about the CFA Charter.

1) It Enhances Your Finance Career Path.

Given the varied job roles of CFA charter holders, it can be tricky to understand whether the CFA designation would be advantageous to have for your career.

In the past 30-40 years, globalization and expansion of the financial services sector have contributed to the CFA charter’s rise as an industry gold standard. Global top investment banks, asset managers, and even accounting firms (with financial services consulting arms) began to use the CFA designation as a quality indicator in hiring decisions.

The CFA charter can be a valuable differentiator for those interested in developing a career in the broader finance sector.

A CFA charter can be useful as a career enhancer if you’re already in finance, or to switch to a particular role.

● Asset management roles, including:

○ Portfolio managers

○ Private bankers

○ Fund of fund managers

○ Financial advisers

○ Relationship managers

● Buy-side and sell-side research analysts

● Financial strategists

● Risk managers

The CFA designation has also proved vital to Non-Investment professionals globally and even in Nigeria, as we have records of Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, and professionals from the Oil and Gas industry earn the Charter.

2) It Equips You With Graduate Level Knowledge in Finance.

The CFA program material is very thorough, extensive, and constantly updated. Overall it is not that difficult to understand – it is retaining all the information all at once and applying them under time pressure that often proves the challenge.

But it also means that if you succeed in obtaining the charter, it is an indicator of your solid financial knowledge and credential. The syllabus is also updated continually to account for recent innovations and events, so you’ll always be learning from the most recent experiences and discussions among industry experts.

3) Global Recognition & International Career Mobility

Whether yours is to live the Canadian dream or even the Nigerian dream, the CFA charter is the most recognized finance designation in the world. Thereby offering better career mobility globally. For example, if you are planning on moving to Europe, having the CFA charter earned somewhere else would still be favorably recognized by European employers in their hiring process.

It is the exact same qualification, and candidates are earning their charters all over the world. Currently, there are more than 167,000 charter holders worldwide in 164 countries.

Ultimately, suffice to say that acquiring a CFA charter will present you with greater opportunities for a fulfilling career in finance. As a result, you can expect your career to benefit from more flexibility and higher compensation compared to if you didn’t have a CFA charter.

And just like the CFA Charter that it stands for, New Frontiers Learning Centre has a global reach and in the past 10 years has been committed to its sole purpose of raising leaders who have continuously influenced various markets in the world today.

Reference: 300Hours

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