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Temi Oshin

Senior Consultant, Mergers and Acquisitions


New Frontiers Learning Centre is an amazing CFA tutor center! The teachers are highly knowledgeable, accessible, smart and help you understand the concepts you need to succeed in the CFA exams.


If you’re looking for a great CFA tutor center either in Nigeria or abroad (yes, they offer excellent online classes), this is the place for you. I highly recommend New Frontiers Learning to anyone looking to succeed in their CFA journey

My biggest challenge preparing for the CFA Exam was time. Balancing my commitments at work and studying the lengthy CFA texts was gruesome. Taking classes at New Frontiers (NF) helped to synthesize complex concepts which greatly improved my efficiency in reading the CFA texts.

The classes were totally in line with the curriculum, covering the examples and end-of-chapter questions. I particularly loved the synergy learning together with like minds offered. The classes were fun and at the same time very educative.

They also organize revision classes and mocks towards the exam week. I’d totally recommend NF to anyone taking any level of the CFA Program for Great value for your money. Their Scholarship scheme is also fantastic which I also enjoyed.


David Shaibu, CFA

Global Markets, FX Trader at Stanbic IBTC


Oghenerugba Dadson-Olabode, CFA

Business Development, Gas & Power Infrastructure


I found out about NF from a friend in the months before I decided to sit for the Level 1 exam.

I even registered for the classes before I registered for the Level 1 exam; and from the very first introductory class, I was sold.

The classes made my personal study a whole lot smoother, the constant motivation from the tutors and other classmates was a perk as well. We formed study groups and forums and the teachers were always willing to give a helping hand, even outside of class hours.

The teachers went above and beyond to ensure students understood, and no question was deemed as “stupid” in class.

The class environment was very conducive...good ventilation, constant power supply and minimal noise

The mock exams we held before the main exams really helped to simulate the exam experience, and as such I wasn’t tired from the long sessions on exam day.

I went ahead to register at NF for my level 2 and 3 exams, and it was totally worth it.

The tutors at New Frontiers Learning Centre really helped the texts come alive for me. Most of them were thorough and gave practical examples, which also helped.
l'll always recommend. Thank you New Frontiers Learning!


Chidera Mbelede, CFA

Deal Advisory at KPMG

Yemisi Sola.jpg

Yemisi Sola-Oyegbade, CFA

Finance Manager at JNC International Limited

Clearly, New Frontiers has undoubtedly become a reliable partner for professionals seeking to fulfill their career aspirations, especially in preparation to passing the CFA Charter examinations.


I had started off writing the CFA exams on my own without success three straight times until I was introduced to New Frontiers (NF) by a friend.

The lecturers were knowledgeable and well experienced CFA charter holders. With personal dedication, focus and guidance from the seasoned lecturers at NF, my dream of becoming a CFA charter holder was eventually actualised.

I had a background in Micro-biology and crossing to Finance was a lot. New Frontiers Learning gave me that community and help to really understand the CFA curriculum and make the switch that is required from Micro-biology to Finance

Aisha Raji


Abiodun Agboola, CFA

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-24 at 12.39.16.jpg

Busola Jeje, CFA

My New Frontiers Learning experience was extremely awesome! The CFA journey is super tough but I had people and a community to go with. The teachers were so awesome and it was such a lovely experience that i used the centre for all three levels of my exam.
I'm really advising you to Join New Frontiers Learning

I took my level 2 and 3 lectures with New Frontiers Learning Centre and it was quite insightful and it really helped my preparation process. So if you want to be a CFA Charterholder, I think you should join New frontiers Learning Centre today.


Frank Nnamka, CFA


Temi Busari, CFA

I enrolled for CFA exams as a Biological Sciences graduate, so you can imagine the burden of transitioning to learning about Treasury Bonds and Derivatives.
Looking back now, could not have done it without the support and commitment of the instructors. They are unrivaled in teaching the curriculum and set the stage for my rewarding career.

I started classes at New Frontiers Learning Centre in my first year at Law School because I wanted to make a switch from Law to Finance.

All the work paid off and if there is any advice I will give, I'll say join New Frontiers Learning Today.


Great-David Oluwasipe, CFA

Folashade Odejayi-Ogunbayo, CFA.jfif

Folashade Odejayi (Ogunbayo), CFA

The mock exams at New Frontiers Learning Centre helped a lot, the feedback was always a good tool to judge my preparation level at each phase.If you need a prep class, New Frontiers Learning Centre is the place! It's unbelievable how many intelligent people you have in one place.

New Frontiers boasts a full menu of fine tutors, profoundly sound, who are just as theoretical as they are experiential to deliver very insightful learning.


At whatever level, they will carry you along. Even if you are two months away from the exams, their admin staff will find a way to place you into the program. And they not only encourage an atmosphere of feedback but also take feedback seriously.


Plus you get a handful of good investment tips from some of the finest in the field of investment. With New Frontiers, I completed Levels 2 and 3 within a six-month interval at a time that recorded the lowest pass rates globally.


In fact, studying gets way simpler after attending their classes, physical or online. If you need tutoring, I recommend joining New Frontiers. It is one way to insure against exam worry.

NEW FRONTIERS-46_edited.jpg

Davis Ukabi, CFA


Eniola Okunlaya

New Frontiers is an excellent place to learn. The facilitators have great knowledge of subject matter, I particularly love how they simplify concepts and make it relatable. From day one, it is very obvious that everyone (teaching and non teaching) is very interested in making sure I pass.

My new Frontiers Learning journey started when I took classes for my Level 2 Exams and then my Level 3. It was amazing!​

The faculty broke down every concept and made the course and knowledge come alive.


Victoria Ahiamadu, CFA

Ibrahim Salami.jpg

Ibrahim Salami, CFA, ACCA

When I decided to write the CFA exams with little to no practical experience in the finance and investing world, I decided to join a learning center that offers lectures and support for aspiring charter holders like myself.


New frontiers came highly recommended. From the faculty to the group of students, it was a two-way information flow. You have classes with experienced faculty members who are always there to guide and point you in the right direction, showing you what to look out for and always ready to be engaged.


The school created an environment where you are free to express concerns both in class and through their mentorship program. I really appreciate their contribution to helping me pass my three stages all at a sitting each, also enjoying tuition discounts for my level 2 lectures.

Great learning centre! Teachers have in-depth knowledge of the curriculum and make classes highly interactive for better assimilation and retention of materials being taught!


Ginikanwa Obioha

Aisha Raji.jpg

Aisha Raji, CFA

I started my CFA journey with New Frontiers. The school was integral in easing me into what ended up being a 3 year journey. With the top professionals in the industry as teachers and faculty members, I had the pleasure of learning first hand (both theory and practice) from the best.


The school is also a good place to meet like minded people. I’ve made lifelong friends from my classmates and the entire New Frontiers community. I wouldn’t trust any other learning centre to guide me through the CFA journey.

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